So I’ve been going through a straightface phase lately. Here, -__-
I mean, if my mom were to tell me that I had been adopted ‘cause my birth parents had abandoned me during a massacre in Nigeria, I’d still be like this -__-
I might sound like I’m PMSing. FYI, females generally refrain from accepting they’re PMSing. I don’tknowwhy! Some weird social theory I suppose. Sigh.

So I’m going to vent it all out by writing on my website (which I find frigging awesome!)
I opened my closet the other day, and I found a perfume bottle staring back at me screaming, “awesome lady, please write about me”. Yes, that totally happened. My life is magical.


Titan Skinn- Celeste is an Eau De Parfum for women. All peachy women.
It’s sort of odd to describe perfumes because it’s all about one’s perception. So let me tell you what I perceived when I sprayed it on me.
While trying to smell the perfume, I can imagine a picture in my head. It’s a bright sunny morning, and I’m happy as a duck. There are white flowers all around me. I’m strolling through them with a glass of orange juice in my hand which has a hint of ginger in it. Then I see a chair carved out of wood and I go sit on it. And suddenly I felt a thud on my head. It was my brother asking me to move away from the mirror because he wanted to get ready. He ruins it all. I was about to imagine me and Jensen Ackles getting all cuddled up on that chair! *smirk face*

So yes, this perfume is all about ginger (spicy), citrus- orangish top notes. Middle notes are floral (jasmine) and base notes are woody and musky. This perfume would go well for fresh mornings. It’s an instant mood up lifter. If you’re not a morning person and the first thing you do once you wake up is sleep some more (*highest of fives in that case*) then this perfume will do the trick for you!

Perfume retention is super high with Titan Skinn. It stayed on me for 8-10hours. The only problem with this is that even after washing my clothes, slight fragrance stays back and I don’t like when perfumes do that ** *grumpyface*


This is pretty affordable on the lines of the chic and upmarket packaging they’ve done for the product and the quality as well as the quantity of the perfume. So if you’re a female trying to decide on the next sensual perfume to buy or a male wanting to gift your girl something to make her feel sensual or a ghost trying to make your ghost-ess feel sensual (In that case, gift me!) then go get this perfume now!
Here’s a straightface Bye -__-

Stay peachy, act funny, you guys! 😀


Perfume- Skinn from Titan, Celeste-Woman

Quantity- 100ml

Price- Rs 1790/-

Availability- All Titan stores/counters , Beauty shops