There’s a lot of potential when it comes to makeup. You can be bold, play it subtle, or be anywhere in between. While it’s always fun to dress it up when it comes to those big occasions, on a day-to-day basis we need to have that go-to routine that’ll have us looking our best. But how do you go about finding what will work best for you? Below, we guide you through: 5 Steps For Finding Your Signature Make Up Look

5 Steps For Finding Your Signature Make Up Look


Think About Time


In an ideal world, we’d all have a couple of hours in the morning for our routine, just like the glamorous rich and famous. Alas, most of us have to live in the real world, and this just isn’t realistic. As such, you’ll need to figure out exactly how much time you’re able to spend on your make up each morning. You’ll have more important stuff to do than spending ages in the bathroom, doing your makeup – and remember, this is morning and night. Try and make your new style easy to manage, say 5-10 minutes applying and around the same taking it off.


Following the Trends


There are a million and one ways you could do makeup, but not all of these are going to fit in with what’s in style now. Take a look at the makeup trends, and the new products on offer. If you find a new makeup products line that draws your attention, incorporate into your new signature look. You’ll be putting yourself at the forefront of makeup style, and you’ll likely receive plenty of compliments and questions, too. If you’re relatively inexperienced when it comes to makeup, take a look at some of the best makeup blogs for ideas and tips on what’s hot.


Who Do You Admire?


You don’t to follow the trends necessarily, so long as your makeup look isn’t obviously outdated it’ll be all good. One good way to figure out what your new look should be is to take a look at other people’s styles. If you find someone who turns your head or you think has nailed their makeup routine, then it’s probably a good indicator that that is what you should be doing. It’s just like when it comes to fashion: what we like on other people can guide what style we want for ourselves.


Playing Up Your Features


While you can be inspired by what other people are doing with their makeup, you’ll also have to make it your own. Your features will be unique to you, and you’ll have to find a way to play up these features using your makeup. If you don’t know what your best features are, ask a friend. Whatever they reply are what you should be drawing attention to with your makeup.


Be Comfortable


You can save ‘being bold’ for those big nights when you want to make a statement. On a day to day basis you want to comfortable. You’ll find yourself in a wide range of settings, from work to family dinners to social gatherings, and if you feel uncomfortable in your makeup, then it’ll be more of a negative than a positive.