It’s that time of year again when invites to Christmas parties arrive thick and fast. You will want to look your absolute best and truly be the belle of the ball! Here are some Beauty Tips To Make You Sparkle This Christmas!

If you are spending time with people that make you happy you will radiate inner beauty. Being happy literally makes your face shine and sparkle. However, we all need a little extra help to look our best and the key to making that happen is planning.Beauty Tips To Make You Sparkle This Christmas


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Christmas is still a couple of weeks away, but  the party season is pretty much in full swing, however a little extra preparation during your usual beauty routine will go a long way in transforming yourself.

Choose your outfit

Try and choose your outfits for each event well before the date arrives. It’s important to know the dress code. Casual may be ok for an after work office get together in your local pub, but a more formal event may require a choice of short cocktail dresses or full length ball gown. Buy the right underwear for your outfit, bra straps and VPL (visible panty line) can make or break a fab look! Stay ahead of fashion trends.


One week ahead of your event, begin to concentrate on your skin. Using a body scrub in your bath or shower every other day will brighten your skin, smooth any rough patches and create a good base for fake tan creams. Moisturize generously every time you bath or shower for silky smooth skin.

Beauty Tips To Make You Sparkle This Christmas

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 Perfectly manicured nails can really finish off an outfit. Either apply nail varnish yourself on the day of the party to avoid chips and smudges, or book into a salon. If you choose a classic colour and have gel polish applied at a salon, it can last for around three weeks, which will see you through the whole festive season.

Smooth Sexy Skin

 Ensure your legs are lovely, smooth and hair free. If you are going to wax, don’t get it done on the day of the party, as your legs will most likely be covered in a rash! Shaving should be done on the evening of the event, stubbly legs are not what you’re aiming for.


As with your hands a pedicure will ensure your feet look their best, especially if you are planning to wear strappy high heels. If you haven’t had the chance to visit the salon you can do your own pedicure at home with creams and hard skin removers to keep your feet silky and smooth.


Try and get a salon appointment on the day of the event. It may be a good time to experiment with something a little different, such as having your hair in an updo for the evening? You could add sparkly accessories and slides to really shine!


Finally apply your makeup. Before the event practice creating the look you would like to achieve. Evening makeup can be much bolder than your daytime look. Maybe try smoky eyes or a bright red lipstick?

A generous dab of your favorite perfume and you’re good to go!