More and more people today are making money via their blogs. However, why stop here? There are so many different ways to make money online, so take advantage of them. Read on to discover some suggestions om Boosting Your Blogging Income

Boosting Your Blogging Income


Matched betting

You may think this sounds too good to be true, but matched betting is risk-free betting. The trouble is that not many people understand how it works. Below, we’ll provide you with the basics of matched betting so you can get to grips with how it works.

The concept of match betting involves an individual have an account with two or more online bookmakers or betting exchange websites – usually one bookmaker and one betting exchange. For matched betting to be risk-free, the bookmaker needs to offer a free bet. This free bet will be placed on a football team to win. Then, the betting exchange will be utilised to hedge all possible outcomes, which means that no matter what, the free bet value is retained. Therefore, the simplest form of matched betting involves a back bet being placed on a bookmaker’s website, such as Bet365, and the opposing lay bet being placed on a betting exchange website, for instance, Betfair Exchange. However, there are more advanced methods, known as ‘dutching’, where an individual uses numerous bookmakers to place the bets so that they can avoid the commission that is charged by exchange betting websites. It is important to note that you’ll typically need to place a qualifying bet with a bookmaker to unlock the free bet. In this situation, you will place a back bet and a lay bet of the same amount, leading to no profit but allowing you to unlock the free bet. When you repeat the process with the free bet, a profit is made.


Take surveys

If you do a search online of how to get free money, you can rest assured taking surveys will come out near the top. However, a lot of people dismiss this because they assume you never get paid out and you can’t make any money. In fact, while there are some rubbish sites, there are a few good ones too. A lot of people make £100-£200 a month on the likes of Swagbucks, so it really is worth signing up and completing the surveys and other tasks in your spare time.


Affiliate marketing

A final way of boosting your blog income in the New Year is with affiliate marketing. This is something you may dabble in a little bit already, having signed up to the Amazon programme. But why not put in a greater effort in 2019? You will be shocked by how much money you can make if you find a product you truly believe in.