For years, people have practiced different methods of hair removal for aesthetic reasons. But with so many different means of removing hair on the market, how can you determine which is best for you? Here’s a little more information on different techniques and practices that could help you to come to the right decision for your personal needs and requirements! Different Methods of Hair Removal to Try Out-

Different Methods of Hair Removal to Try Out

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 No Hair Removal 

It is extremely important to remember that you do not have to remove any of your body hair. If you find hair removal uncomfortable, irritable, or painful, you may prefer to leave your body hair alone. If you prefer the look of your body’s natural hair as it is, you don’t have to succumb to societal pressures and remove it! Do exactly what you want with your hair. It’s your body!



Perhaps the most commonly employed method of hair removal is shaving. There are various reasons for this, but the most commonly spoken benefits are that it is relatively cheap and relatively convenient. All you need in order to shave is a good quality razor and some shaving cream or thick shower gel. The frequency with which you should change your razor blades depends on your hair’s texture and thickness, and how often you tend to shave. Blades dull over time and this can result in missed patches or razor bumps and cuts. Generally, you should consider replacing blades around every ten shaves.



Waxing is another common method of hair removal. People generally claim that it can be preferable to shaving, as hair is said to grow back slower and thinner than when you shave. It also leaves a completely silky smooth feel, as hair is pulled out at the root. Now, you can have waxing carried out at a specialist salon, or you can carry it out yourself at home. There are various different types of wax and at the end of the day, you might have to engage with a little trial and error to determine which is best for you. Also consider investing in different size wax strips for different parts of your body. If you want to remove hair on your upper lip, this will prove a lot easier with specialist facial wax strips than a large strip designed for use on larger areas, such as your legs.



Epilating tends to be reserved for the particularly brave amongst us, as it is consider a more painful method of hair removal. The epilator is a small machine that pulls hairs out individually from the root. However, there are benefits that come hand in hand with this. Removing hair from the root, like waxing, means you are left with soft and smooth skin for up to four weeks. It is also said that hair grows back thinner and more slowly with this method too!


Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is becoming an increasingly popular option on the market, but it still remains less engaged with than other forms of hair removal. This is because it tends to be a lot more expensive. But bear in mind that you generally get what you pay for and this could prove to be a great option for those of us who want to be permanently hair free in particular places. Laser hair removal can mean no more shaving or waxing in the future, as it generally removes up to ninety percent of the hair it is used on permanently. Most people opt to have this therapy carried out at a professional clinic, but you might also want to look at the best laser hair removal machine for home use. Just make sure to fully read any instructions and get professional advice before attempting to carry out home laser hair removal yourself.



Increasing numbers of us are focusing on the shape of our eyebrows thanks to models such as Cara DeLevingne. While thicker brows may well be in, they still require maintenance and shaping. So, how can you go about this? Waxing has long been a popular option, but it is slowly being trumped by a method called threading. Eyebrow threading is generally the best option to try out if you want to work with a low budget and simply want a shape up. Put simply, it is an ancient hair removal technique that originates from Asia and the Middle East. It tends to be more kind to sensitive skin, as it doesn’t remove any layers of skin like waxing does – this is great considering the area above your eyes can be quite delicate. It can take away even the finest hairs beneath your brows and can give them a precise and pronounced shape. Someone else will have to do the work on this one for you, as the technique requires the use of a piece of cotton thread that is twisted into a double strand and swept across the area where hair is to be removed. The good news is that the entire process only takes about five minutes and is relatively painless!


There are, of course, more methods of hair removal that exist out there. But these are some of the most popular and some of the most commonly employed methods. Hopefully, the above information has helped you to familiarise yourself with some of the different options available to you and will help you to make the best decision for yourself! I hope this article on Different Methods of Hair Removal to try out was helpful, do let me know in the comment section below!