Get The Look: Retro Pin-Up Girls

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So, you want to get the 50s pin-up girl look? It’s a style that is popular with a number of celebrities, including Dita von Teese and the late, great Amy Winehouse, so there is no wonder why so many girls are now choosing this vintage fashion.

It’s not too difficult to do yourself, and once you’ve read this ultimate guide to pin-up girl style and fashion, you’ll be able to get your look down to a T.

Get The Look: Retro Pin-Up Girls

Shop In Vintage Stores

 To get a truly retro feel to your outfits, you need to start shirking the high-street shops and move onto vintage stores. When you are browsing all the items on the rails in vintage and thrift shops, you are much more likely to find original items from the 50s and 60s. And these original items will help to give your overall pin-up look a very authentic feel.


Midi Skirts And Dresses

 If there is one style of dress and skirt that screams retro and pin-up girl, it has to be the midi. So, next time you are looking through clothing collections online or browsing in store, it’s a good idea to try and wheedle out these types of skirts and dresses. This style is very demure and can be dressed up or down, so you can be sure that a midi skirt or dress is perfect for any occasion!


Don’t Forget Your Hair

 There’s no point buying some great retro clothes if you forget to style your hair correctly! You need two things to nail pin-up hair: some tape in hair extensions and hair curlers. It doesn’t matter which type of curlers you get, just as long as they create quite tight curls. Those extensions will be very useful for adding some extra volume to your curls. Finish off your locks with a cute polka dot ribbon or headband!


Add More Dots

 Actually, why just stop at adding polka dots to the ribbon in your hair? Pin-up girls loved a good polka, so be sure to buy dresses that are covered in these cool dotty prints. It doesn’t matter whether you go for black, red, or white dots – whatever the color, you can be sure that an original pin-up girl would approve!


Cinch Your Waist

To get a pin-up girl silhouette, it’s a good idea to cinch your waist so it pulls in and gives you an hourglass look. You can buy a corset especially to do this. But, if you don’t want to spend any more money, you can simply buy dresses that can be tightened at the waistline. For instance, some dresses come with a big bow that you can tie around your middle.

As you can see, getting the 50s pin-up girl look really isn’t all that difficult. It’s just about knowing what style of clothes you need to add to your wardrobe. Hopefully, all of the above tips can help you figure that out.

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