Camera phones are both a blessing and a curse. Yes, they’re great for capturing all of those important moments, but thanks to Instagram and Snapchat – the pressure is on to look your best.
Going Behind The Lens – The Secrets To Looking Good On Camera

Going Behind The Lens - The Secrets To Looking Good On Camera

Going Behind The Lens – The Secrets To Looking Good On Camera

Image: Pxhere


It’s impossible not to wonder how some people look so great on camera, while you feel a little bit, well flat. You’ll be pleased to know that not all is what it appears to be, and there are actually some tips to take away that will help you look your best on camera.


Get photo-ready with these simple secrets to looking good on camera.

Get to know your angles

You don’t need to be a professional model to look good in photos. It might take you a little practice, but it’s not too difficult to find out which poses work best for you. There are many secrets to posing well in photographs, and if you study red carpet photos closely, you will notice that many celebrities opt to place a hand on the hip, elongate the neck and look towards the light. Try it a few times in front of the mirror, taking photos with your phone. Find a look that works for you and stick to it – that way you’ll know that you always look great in front of the camera.

Give your hair a boost

Your hair can be a classic example of Instagram versus ‘real life’. If you feel like your hair often looks flat or lacking in volume in photos, your styling could be to blame. Hair extensions are the key to getting those Pinterest-worthy styles that make hair look thicker and full of life.  Of the different types of extensions you can get, mink hair is known for being one of the best. You can clip them into your hair to give it that extra boost for those special occasions where photos are inevitable.

Choose makeup designed for photography

The makeup you wear can have a significant effect on how your skin photographs. While highlighter may be popular at the moment, too much can leave your skin looking paler thanks to the power of a flash. However, there are some products out there that are designed to work well with photographs, so keep an eye out for ‘photo filter’ products that will give your skin a smoother, luminous appearance without the shine.


Of course, one of the best things you can do to look great in a photograph is to smile. A forced smile doesn’t look very appealing, so finding ways to take a more natural photo can help produce better results. Rather than thinking too hard about how you’re looking, think of things that make you smile or laugh or try talking to the photographer. You’ll find that it soon becomes much easier and you’ll be able to produce that winning smile to take that beautiful shot.


Feeling comfortable is a must for taking a good photograph. Perfect your style by investing in some classic items for your wardrobe that will make you look and feel great ready for that photo opp. It’s not always easy to take a good photo, but practice really does make perfect!