Monsoon Hair Care is probably one of the most neglected hair routines we’ve witnessed. It is easily undermined and we never care less about it unless someone points out the sad state of our hair. The list of people who complain about hair fall in the rainy season is a never ending one.  Hair care tips are all available just a click away, what you need is a list of specially curated hair care products which can be used in the rainy season.

Healthy looking lustrous hair in the monsoons is what we’re all striving for in this age of Snapchat Filters and Facebook Stories. When was the last time someone sung, ‘I’m in love with the shape of your hair”? How our hair looks plays a very prominent role in our behavior too. Bad hair days in the rainy season are just another self-inflicted ‘grounded for the day’situations. Especially when everyone is in this pleasant, romantic mood, the last thing you want to look like is a drowned cat in the rains.

Here’s a 3 step guide to monsoon hair care!

1) Use the right Comb:
Let’s get down to the basics! The kind of comb you use on wet hair is as crucial as wearing stilettos on a rocky mountain hike. A wide toothed comb works best while detangling, without breaking any hair. And that’s how you avoid hair fall in the monsoon.
Pro tip- Rub some serum along the teeth of the comb and then brush your hair gently.

2) Use a nourishing hair mask :
What’s better than a conditioner, you ask? A Hair Mask, we say. It gives double the nutrition and care to your hair. Monsoons make hair rather frizzy and a mask every 10 days goes a long way in keeping the frizz in control. Using a mask also help to reduce hair fall in the rainy season.
Pro tip- Leave the mask on for 20 mins and take a good steam while at it.

Richfeel hair mask for hair care in rainy season
3) Use a mild shampoo:
Getting drenched in the rains is a daily ritual for most of us. Some love it and the others, well, don’t trust them. There’s nothing to not love about rains! (Except the muck and the flies. That we hate!) It’s important you rinse your hair with a mild shampoo to wash off all the dirt and pollutants that rain water contains.
Pro tip- If you want to go Sulphate free, now’s the right time!

Shampoo for hair care in monsoon

Monsoon hair care should be as easy as getting your white clothes dirty on a rainy day. We hope these hair care tips will help you keep monsoon blues at bay!
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