When we look good we feel good and when we feel good we look good. But when something has happened to decimate our confidence like a hurtful remark, the break up of a relationship or simply an inability to compete with the images of airbrushed perfection we see in the media every day, it can be hard to get that confidence back. The combination of emotional vulnerability and the desire to improve ourselves inside and outside can make us prime targets for a health and beauty that thrives on our insecurities and tries to keep us in a self sustaining loop of trial and failure with official sounding pseudoscience and persistent myths. When we let these myths dictate what, how and when we eat and what sort of exercise we do it can actually do us more harm than good. Thus, here are some myths which you cannot allow to get in the way of your dream body…Let’s talk about some Myths Keeping You From Your Dream Body

Myths Keeping You From Your Dream Body

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A procedure is a short cut

Surgical procedures are increasingly popular and affordable and are great at targeting areas that simply refuse to mold themselves to your will no matter how much you exercise or how rigorously your diet. While liposculpture via liposuction can be a highly effective way to target problem areas of fat buildup and help you on the way to a body you’ve always dreamed of they are not a shortcut nor should they be considered one. Although improved techniques mean that there’s far less down time and scarring than there once was, procedures should be used to enhance and supplement a diet and exercise regime not supplant it.


A detox / diet / pill is the solution

While we’re on the subject of short cuts, we’ve been worryingly conditioned to believe that the answer to all of our body issues can be purchased in the form of a pill which can be taken every day, a cream that we apply at night or a detox that we stick to for two weeks after which we emerge transformed. Firstly, the term detox is inherently fallacious. Our livers and kidneys do a perfectly job of filtering toxins out of our bodies and so most of the tea detoxes and cleanses claiming to rid our bodies of contaminants are almost always bunk.


While you’ll inevitably see some weight loss if you starve yourself and subsist only on tea, you will inevitably be cranky, lacking in concentration, sluggish, probably bloated and generally miserable. Any loss you do see will be quickly negated as you crack under the pressure of relentless starvation and gorge on the foods you’ve been craving.


Counting Calories Is All You Need

Sure, if you consume fewer calories than your body uses in a day, your body will run on a deficit and it will use your stored fats as a fuel source. But while counting calories can be a useful way to monitor your eating, it’s important to remember that not all calories are created equal. On paper, a can of Coca Cola and an egg have the same amount of calories but nobody would argue that they are nutritionally similar. Our calories from fats, proteins and carbohydrates all behave differently in our bodies, which is why you should ensure that your macronutrient requirements are aligned with your goals.