The New Year is fast approaching, and that means that we can start to think about the next twelve months and the things we would like to do. Many of us will have the very best intentions in the new year with a list of resolutions we might want to make, and that is always a great starting point. The new year is the ideal time to wipe the slate clean, try new things, and take big steps towards achieving the goals that you have set. But what areas would you like to improve? What things would you like to change? Here’s a New Year Overhaul- Complete Guide for you guys!


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Do you want to lose weight?

We all know that your weight can be a huge focus at this time of the year. The festive period is over, it is fully winter, and all of the comfort food and nice treats are just far too tempting. But, how do you plan on losing weight in the new year? Many people have this very intention, but do they follow through? Here are two suggestions to try.


It may not seem like the most pleasing way to lose weight, but exercise not only helps you to lose a few pounds, but it can also give you huge benefits in others areas as well. Exercising can help to improve your fitness levels, and so while it can help lose weight, you can see improvement in your energy, your mood and generally how you feel. It can certainly be another way to smash other goals you may have made for the new year.

A balanced diet

It is important for you to ensure that you avoid any crash diets when trying to lose weight. Detoxes are great, but for a long-term way of losing weight they are not sustainable as is cutting out certain food groups. You may quickly lose the pounds, but what happens after that? You go back to some form of normal eating, and it can have you adding the weight back in no time at all. Instead, choose a balanced diet that you can work within your lifestyle and routine. You will feel better, and you will lose the weight you want to lose sensibly.


Giving up a bad habit

Maybe over time, you have developed some bad habits. We all do it. Sometimes we can’t give in to the urge, and other times we just know it isn’t good for us, but we do it anyway. The new year is the ideal opportunity to give yourself a starting point to give up those bad habits we have developed. But what habits are you willing to give up? Perhaps one of these is on your resolution list.


Spending less

Are you a frivolous spender? Do you enjoy going to the shops and finding that you are buying things just for the sake of it? Or once you start to see things on other people or social media, and you just need to have it in your life? Perhaps next year you want to take a minimalist approach and start to think about what you spend your money on. A great way to do this would be to challenge yourself to no spend weeks or months. Decluttering what you have and actually trying to figure out what you want, what you need and the things that you love.


A vice

Maybe you have a vice or two that you want to kick the habit for. Perhaps it is something like drinking too much or smoking. These are quite common things to give up in the new year, especially after a season of socialising and partying. It could start by focusing on it one day at a time. Or seeking out help online or from your doctor.


Negative thinking

One of the less obvious habits that people think about giving up is negativity and the way you think. It may sound crazy but are you a glass half full or a glass half empty kind of person? Perhaps you are more negative than you realize and may want to use the new year as a starting to point to change your thought process and how you see things. It can start off by being grateful for the things that you have in your life, and you can work from there. Taking situations and turning them into positive ones, looking at things in a different way. Doing things differently in your life to help you start a new journey of rediscovery of your mindset. There is so much information online to help you change your negativity into a positive mindset.

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Looking after your skin

Our skin is something that we perhaps take for granted. It is actually the biggest organ that we have, and so taking care of it may become a priority for you in the new year. You may have started to develop some skin problems, or you have noticed that the overindulgent season has taken its toll. Sometimes even the colder weather of winter can have an adverse effect. So some of these things could help you take on a resolution that involves better skincare.


Being careful with the sun

It may seem a little into the future, but thinking of the damage that the sun can do your skin may encourage you to be more careful when you are out and about. It isn’t about when you are taking your holidays that you need to think about sun protection, you should be using it everytime that you are in the sun and that includes the summer months. It may help you avoid wrinkles or sun damage symptoms in the future.


A decent skincare routine 

You may want to think about your skincare routine and what is involved in it. Do you even have a routine right now? Do you take your makeup off religiously? The new year may be the ideal time to start trying new products and to come up with a  routine that works for you. Cleansing and toning, and using a daily moisturizer is a good place to start.


Trying a DIY approach

Taking the DIY approach may help you tackle some ongoing issues like acne or regular breakouts. Creating your own face washes or masks that you can use from items that you have sourced and also things you can find in your home. There are always going to be certain ingredients that work well, such as looking into face masks with aloe vera, using milk in the bath, coffee granules as an exfoliator, there are things that you could try that could make a difference to your skincare routines, without it breaking the bank.

New Year Overhaul: Complete Guide

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A complete change in lifestyle

Maybe you want to look at your lifestyle as a whole, and incorporate a few of the things above into a complete change in your life. If that sounds like a journey you are wanting to take, then perhaps these things could be helpful.


Going vegetarian or vegan

Maybe you want to take the diet change one step further, and look at ways in which your diet can help. Going vegetarian or considering veganism could be the way to go. Not only are you taking your views seriously, but you could also be adding to your diet and nourishing your body in a completely different way. It could be a great change to make as there are so many health benefits behind it.


Thinking about your mental health

Maybe you want to go one step further than just thinking about your mindset and how you think, and your mental health may become a huge priority for you. There are other ways you can spend time on this such as taking the time to meditate and slow down in your daily life. There are plenty of guides to help you get started with this.


Making goals

Finally, maybe you just want to understand how making these goals that have been suggested above, or the ones you have in mind yourself can be achieved. Here are two suggestions to keep in the forefront of your mind.


Planning small steps to achieve them

Sometimes you need to start planning early, and actually give yourself steps to take to make the goal more achievable. Not only does setting yourself smaller targets along the way keep you motivated, it gives you a great way to track your success.


Keeping the faith

Always keep the faith. You will have made these goals and changes in your life for a reason, so remember what those intentions were that inspired you to make the resolution or goal in the first place. Always congratulate the small things, and recognize how far you have come. This is why the new year is always a great place to start when it comes to keeping accountability.


Let’s hope this New Year Overhaul Complete Guide has inspired you to set yourself some goals for 2019!!