We’ve all heard said that prevention should come before cure. You can apply the sentiment to career choices, relationships, and, you guessed it; skincare. Why wait until you see those wrinkles appear to do something about them? Surely it would be better to stop them from appearing at all?

And, of course, there’s no denying that the sooner you start to care for your skin, the younger it’ll continue to look. But, don’t think that the fight is over just because a few wrinkles have appeared. Even the worst skincare sins can be cured with the necessary knowledge. That’s right; cured! Debra Jaliman, author of “Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist.”, says, “Studies show you can reverse the damage.” She even goes as far as to say that you can take 10-15 years off your age by making the right changes.

When Prevention Doesn't Come Before Cure

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When Prevention Doesn’t Come Before Cure

So, what are the changes, and how can you make them? The first trick here is perseverance. Sadly, there are no miracle cures. The process of undoing skin damage is slow. You have to change your habits for substantial amounts of time to see rewards. In some cases, the changes may be so gradual that you don’t even notice them. If you’d find this disheartening, it may be worth starting with a cosmetic procedure. The boost this can give will help you stay motivated, so don’t hesitate to get your free cosmetic consultation from your local dermatologist. If, however, you think you have the patience, you can get started straight away by following these steps.

Recognize what you’ve done wrong

As with anything, you can’t develop a cure unless you know the cause. Think about where your skincare has fallen short. The Environmental Protection Agency state that up to 90% of skin damage is caused by sun exposure. So, you may want to start there. Equally, failure to moisturize, lousy diet, and even genetics, could all be to blame.

Keep the cure simple

You don’t need us to tell you about the wealth of anti-aging products. You also shouldn’t need us to tell you that they’re never quite what they claim. We’ve all invested a fair bit in products which promise to ‘plump and rejuvenate’, but it never happens. Instead, keeping things simple is sure to reap better results. Moisturizing, for example, hydrates the skin as much as a fancy anti-aging product. Daily sunscreen use is also invaluable, with those who follow the practice proven 24 percent less likely to show increased signs of aging.

It’s not all about the face

It’s also important to note that it’s not only your face you need to worry about. We worry about facial wrinkles because they’re most apparent. But, solving this issue won’t do any good if your neck and hands still reveal your real age. So, focus on moisturizing and applying sunscreen here, too. You could also buy over-the-counter products which help promote cell generation in your chest. They’ll have you looking younger in no time!