When we have a big event coming up, it’s all too easy to put it to the back of our minds. Your friend’s party? That’s a whole two weeks away. The Christmas meal? You’ve got a month to prepare. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think a month is adequate time. But, time flies, and before you know it, these events will be upon you. And, when they are, you may feel the flutterings of panic as you realize that you aren’t ready.

Quick, You’ve Got A Party Coming Up!

In truth, if you want to look and feel as good as possible, there’s no such thing as too soon to start your prep. The more effort you put in during these early stages, the less you’ll need to panic. And let’s be honest; last minute panic buys do not flatter the figure as much as we’d like. Rushed makeup routines don’t exactly scream ‘glamorous’. In fact, it’s easy to say that everyone will be able to see you didn’t put much effort in.With that in mind, consider planning for a big event AT LEAST a month in advance. That way, you can take your time and play around a little. And, when the time comes, you can ensure your efforts will shine through in your appearance. Preparation really is the perfect way to be Belle of the ball. To help you get a start on things, we’re going to look at what you need to consider from the off.

The perfect outfit in plenty of time

In many ways, our outfits are the most long-winded preparations. Even if you don’t have anything in mind, it can take a few trips to find the right thing. But, if you start a few weeks in advance, you’ll have time to cram a few shops in. That way, you can hold out on buying anything until you find that ideal outfit. You know; the one that screams at you from the shop window. It’s a magical moment, and a sure way to look amazing when the time comes.

Quick, You've Got A Party Coming Up

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In comparison, rushing to find an outfit can be a disaster. You’ll have no choice but to settle for something which is less than ideal. Hence, you’ll feel uncomfortable and look it too. A mistake like this has the power to ruin your evening.


Makeup practice


You don’t need to start your makeup quite as early. But, you shouldn’t overlook this, either.

As soon as you have an outfit prepared, you can start to play around with looks. Rather than one long session, pick up your brushes whenever inspiration takes you. This is your masterpiece after all, and an artist works best with a muse. Hence, the process can be a long one. Eventually, though, one of those experiments will lead you to the perfect makeup magic. And, because it’s something entirely new, you can guarantee it’ll have an impact. Much more so than if you were to just stick with your usual routine! Keep it under wraps until your big entrance, and watch every head in the room turn towards you!

The right mentality

If you don’t go out often, it’s also worth working on the right mentality. If you start feeling tired on the night, it’s sure to affect your appearance. To make sure it doesn’t happen, get into the habit of going out of an evening. This doesn’t mean you have to party every night for a week beforehand. But, heading out for a meal, or a movie at the theater is good practice. Even just setting your bedtime back a few hours could help you prepare.

Quick, You've Got A Party Coming Up

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It’s also worth developing your inner confidence. To make an entrance with impact, you need to keep your head held high. And, the only way to do that is to believe in yourself. Achieve the goal by turning to something like the 16 best self help books to read, or magazine articles which boost your confidence. It’s also worth spending time in front of the mirror and getting into the habit of holding your head high.

A great date

And, of course, you’ll need to act in advance to bag yourself a decent date. When you’re happy with the person by your side, it’s sure to shine through and make you glow. Ask someone who makes you laugh, and never fails to put a smile on your face. Failure to act early here could mean taking someone less than inspiring. You can guarantee they won’t put the sparkle in your eyes!