Getting ready for a night out is half the fun of the whole night – especially when friends are invited over and you can all get ready together. You can dedicate hours and hours to getting that perfect look, but sometimes we don’t have that amount of time to dedicate. Other commitments can and do get in the way, so what happens then?

There are some things which definitely need to be learned and made habitual in order to make getting ready quicker when you’re limited on time, but still give you the same great effect that you were originally aiming for.

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Learn your Lashes

Eyelashes can be a bit of a struggle, can’t they? We want them to look long and luscious, but there’s the element of whether you’ve picked up the right mascara, the whole trying-to-avoid-clumps issue, making sure you’ve remembered to bring your eyelash curlers and knowing when to stop adding on layer after layer so you don’t look like you’ve got tarantula legs coming out of your eyeballs. It’s tricky business. However, there are ways to get around this. If you’re already a whizz with an eyelash wand and know how to best accentuate what could potentially be the best feature on your face for the night, then don’t stop reading – there are still ways to help you get even better. Firstly, if you haven’t got falsies available to fix any problems that you may have stumbled across, don’t fear – simply pick up a hairdryer, put it onto a warm setting and ‘dry’ your eyelash curlers. Don’t get it too hot, as it’s about to go near your face and metal can heat quickly; blast it enough so that it feels warm. The heat will make your eyelashes curl for longer and retain the shape that you want them to – just how heat can do things to the hair on your head, it can do it to this hair too. If all else fails, reach for the false eyelashes. Learn how to best apply them so you are not a literal sticky mess and ensure that they are fitted correctly – it’s quite rare if you don’t have to make some sort of adjustment to their size. There are many different styles to go for – look at Velour Lashes for inspiration – so whatever look you are going for, there will be ones available to suit. The quicker you learn to put the lashes on efficiently, the less time you have to spend worrying about mascara. Time saved!

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Line your Lips

If you plan ahead and line your lips at the beginning of the day, it should last long enough to apply a quick layer of lipstick or gloss with only minimal touch-ups. Rather than spending way too long trying to fill them in when you don’t have the time, it is a job that can be done earlier on in order to save you worrying later.

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Don’t Wash Your Hair

This sounds more gross than intended. If you wash your hair the night before rather than on the day, it will be more malleable, easier to work with and give you more grip to be able to create a wider range of hairstyles. Have you ever had your hair professionally styled for an occasion? If so, chances are that the stylist specifically asked that you didn’t wash your hair before you got there; your hair would just be too slippy to do anything constructive with. If you are concerned about it getting greasy, pack some dry shampoo to take with you or make sure that you have some on hand at home … you never know when you might need it!

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Choose Your Foundation Wisely

Rather than spending time on a moisturizing, priming, concealing and foundation routine, try and find one that encompasses all four. The less time you have to spend on worrying about the base you’re working off means more time to get yourself feeling comfortable with your makeup. There are so many products available on the market right now which are great combination foundations, and they’re widely available too – you won’t be hard pressed to find one to suit your skin tone in your local drugstore.

Remember to have everything that you need on hand. The worst thing you can do when trying to get ready on limited time is find out that you are not fully prepared and start panicking. Preparation is key to making sure that you will be flying out of the door and looking beautiful quicker than you can say ‘MAC’!