There are certain rules of beauty that we’re meant to follow. The key words there being “meant to.” It’s advice we know we should listen to, the cardinal sins we know we don’t want to fall foul of… but it doesn’t always work out that way does it?

We’re all human, and we all have failings… but have you ever thought of the potential consequences of not obeying the beauty rules? Sometimes, it’s helpful to know the consequences of our actions – or, in some of these cases, inactions.

A quick note before we delve into the nitty gritty. You might read these consequences and think: “I do some of the ‘bad things’ and I haven’t had problems as a result! So why should I listen to them?”

Quick two responses to that:

  1. a) The word “yet” is apposite here. Just because you’re fine right now doesn’t mean you always will be! You might find your skin ages faster, or you develop issues in later life; the problems may not begin immediately.
  1. b) Okay, so you’re not seeing the consequences. But the fact remains that these behaviours aren’t good for skin, so imagine – how much better could your skin be if you obeyed the rules? You could be missing out on an even better improvement!

So, what are the three cardinal rules – and why are they the established beauty laws you have to obey?

  1. Always take your makeup off before you go to bed.

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First, it’s hard not to acknowledge the “ick” factor here. Who wants to wake up with last night’s makeup caked over their face? Gross.

Secondly: sleep is when your skin regenerates and heals. It’s when dead skin cells are shed, and reparatory work goes on to heal any damage from the likes of acne or even pollution. If your pores are clogged by makeup overnight, then none of this work is going to happen as well as it could be.

  1. Always cleanse, tone and moisturize and use face masks twice a week.

Surviving Skincare Sins


The reason the first is such an established three-step process is that each step has a purpose.

Cleanse: Remove the daily grime from your skin.

Tone: Balance the pH of your skin after using the makeup all day and the cleanser to remove it.

Moisturizer: This one is fairly obvious, really!

As for using a face mask to moisturise your skin, that’s pretty simple. Moisture is one of the most crucial components of keeping skin feeling good, and sometimes, it needs an extra deep drink.

Missing a step from any of the above means your skincare routine is out of balance. The result? An uneven skin tone, clogged pores, and even acne.


  1. Never use face wipes; always cleanse and remove makeup using a pad and a separate toner.

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Simple one here: face wipes have been linked to causing acne. They don’t actually remove much from the skin; they more move it around, all while adding extra chemicals your skin doesn’t need. It doesn’t take much longer to use a cotton pad and a separate cleanser, so make the extra effort, and you’ll soon see an improvement in any blemishes.