Life can be tough at the best of times, and it’s much tougher if you don’t have yourself together. Unfortunately, life seems to make no announcements for when things will become difficult or challenging. Sometimes, we’re not prepared for it. Of course, we’re not here to make life out to be some horrific endurance test we must all go through. We can have amazing times, sometimes quite unpredictably too. That’s why we often refer to life circumstances as a role of the dice. Tomorrow, you could win the lottery. You could also find out some terrible news the following day.

Thankfully, things are rarely as intensive as this. However, by our own actions, we can improve how we live our good days to maximize our enjoyment and appreciation of them, while also becoming stronger so that shouldering the difficulties is less of a burden. This result demands that we take control of our lives, and ultimate responsibility for them.

Yet it’s hard to just ‘decide this’ as if you were saying ‘ready, set, go!’ Becoming your strongest, most prepared self requires incremental improvement. This way, we grow in character. In the following post, we’ll list a range of methods that can help you on this journey:

Taking Control Of Your Life Is An Incremental Process

Taking Care Of Your Health 

Taking care of our own health is important. Now, this is not to disparage anyone with disabilities or particular health needs they need to consider. Not everyone can get to the gym and improve their physical fitness, nor are their lives worth even a fraction less if they struggle with physical considerations. You can still be powerful, radiant and important despite encountering those difficulties. In fact, you will likely be defined this way more so, because you have challenges to gracefully overcome every day, and that takes true strength of character.


However, if it’s within your means, then taking care of your health (to the degree that is appropriate) is worthwhile. It can often help you bring everything else together in your life more easily. For instance, ten minutes of meditation in the morning can help clear your mind for the day ahead, and thus you’ll be more likely to move forward with a sense of purpose and intention. Furthermore, it can help you feel more empathetic, or organize your day better, or simply not have to worry so much. Taking care of your health, through physical exercise for example, can also help you bust feelings of stress and inadequacy. In other words, caring for your physical and mental form will help you enjoy and progress in every area of life. For that reason, this is a vital task to follow.


Perfecting Your Mornings


The morning is where we break the billiard balls of our day. The morning is where we greet our tasks with a sense of momentum or lethargy. The morning is where we come alive and greet the world. For that reason, perfecting our mornings is a great idea.


Now, you don’t have to perfect yoga at the top of the Himalayan mountains, run five miles, read a novel, and meditation for two hours before you even eat breakfast to perfect your morning. Instead, it’s often simple, repeatable habits that can help us have the most effect. For instance, waking up and breathing deeply, perhaps outside, can help us wake up more easily. A quick shower that we turn to the cold temperature near the end can wake us up and help us feel alert. Our meditative habit can help us bust our stress and clear our minds for the day. Reading a chapter of a book can help us feel more creatively engaged. Acquiring and writing in our morning journal can also be a fantastic means of gathering our thoughts and moving forward with confidence.


This can seem like a lot to achieve in one morning. But if each task takes you five to ten minutes, and you wake up a little earlier, this can set up your day with true intention. Even better if you can exercise a little, as this helps you feel amazing and engaged from the beginning. As we said, taking control of your life is an incremental process, and when you become your ‘best self’ in the morning, this is more likely to happen at every point in the day. That sounds like a worthwhile use of your time to us.


Working Through Emotional Troubles

Almost everyone has difficulties they need to unpack at some point in life. No one moves through a full life without some form of difficulty, and sometimes, this difficulty can tie us up in knots. That can affect us for a long time after the fact if we decide not to address it, and this can be a serious problem.

So, how do we work through emotional troubles in this way? Well, writing about them can help. Sometimes organizing your thoughts regarding a certain life experience can help you more easily digest it, even if it’s difficult. Another option could be speaking to a licensed counsellor, someone who knows how to listen and remain impartial at all times. Here you may find the space necessary to truly get things off your chest.

Don’t disregard that last point too quickly. Talking therapy is a researched and fully trusted measure of helping people move through their problems. If you don’t have a deep support network you can utilize in this sense, sometimes you rarely get a chance to speak through the issues you have faced. That can leave a weight on your soul for some time, to the point where it crystallizes. Of course, we’re not here to be overly dramatic, only to gently encourage you in this direction if you feel that’s appropriate. Generally, we rarely give ourselves time to think about the past in detail, and that in itself can leave us in need of a refresh. This could be the first incremental step to taking control of your life.


Finding True North

It’s the journey of a lifetime to try and find our purpose. However, sometimes it’s not about finding the most perfect purpose we could ever muster. Some will never find it. For instance, you could be the best cellist in the world, but if you have no interest in playing it or beginning to learn, is that really your purpose? Sometimes, a purpose is found through the journey of searching for it. This is how we find true north and feel connected to this life.

You may find this by considering your most important life priorities. Perhaps you wish to write books because you truly believe you have something to say. Maybe you’re involved in raising your children as well as you can, as you finally have something to orbit your life around with true love and intention. Finding true north, or at least making a few life plans to try and find it, can help you get your life together by virtue of following a goal. If you can achieve that, odds are, you’ll be in the best possible place.


Indulgencing When Necessary

Taking control of your life also means taking control of your indulgence. Everyone knows that they have a vulnerability they could exploit, and have a fair amount of fun doing so, until the negative returns from that would become overbearing and change our lives for the worse. For some, it might be drinking. For others, gambling. No matter what your vice is, it’s important to learn how to indulge only when necessary, or to prevent indulging altogether.

This control over your own vices will help you keep everything else in line, and it will certainly help you avoid having those vices ruin the best parts of your life. This can sound like obvious advice, but you don’t have to be a bad or flawed person to let a vice take over you. Some people drink too much because life is hard to deal with, such as through the loss of a friend or relative. Some might have too much stress at work, leading them to follow unhappy habits. What matters is that you keep watch over the indulgences you accept in your life, measure them, and from there, use them as appropriate. If you can achieve this, you will create a bulwark of defense against unpredictable issues creeping up on you.


Finding What Works For You

 Not everyone lives life the same way, nor do they need to. You don’t have to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to be successful. You don’t need to be a billboard-chart-selling artist to develop and publish great music. There’s every possibility that being thoroughly rich would only leave you feeling less happy. Finding what works for you matters, because it gives you the opportunity of moving forward in life with optimism, and more than that, authenticity.


With this advice, we hope you can more easily understand that taking control of your life is an incremental process. Perhaps from there you can start this positive momentum.