Ayurveda originated in the serene lands of India about 5000 years ago. It’s rightly known as the science of life and longevity and is one of the most established health care systems known to mankind. Ayurveda accounts for the wholesome physical, mental and spiritual growth of a being. The system of Ayurveda comprises of 5 elements air, fire, water, earth, and ether which are the basic components of all life, including the universe and the human body. VLCC which is known for its skin care products has now entered Ayurveda by introducing 9 treatments which are carried out after identifying the dosha type of a person. All individuals are characterized into 3 categories based on a simplified form of the three vital energies called Doshas namely Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. We’re going to majorly talk about Udvartanam Ayurveda Service of VLCC today.

Udvartanam Ayurveda by VLCC:

Udvartanam Ayurveda by VLCC
Udvartanam is basically a deep-tissue massage treatment where a dry herbal powder is used. This Treatment promotes weight loss, mobility, and other skin problems. An individual who chooses this service undergoes a whole body massage with medicated powder made from various herbs. The after effects of this treatment is an even toned skin, visible cellulite reduction, improved digestion, eradicates inactivity and sluggishness. It works essentially on the lymphatic framework and aids in draining the lymph.
Following are the benefits of Udvartanam Ayurveda:
• It calms the Kapha dosh
• It dissolves the Medo Dhatu i.e. the fat. This treatment increases the mobility of the skin due to constant and sturdy friction thereby helping in water retention and reducing cellulite.
• It imparts nutrition to the skin. The skin receives increased flow of blood supply when it’s rubbed over. This blood carries vital nutrients to the massaged area along with amping up oxygenation thereby improving the texture of the skin.

Udvartanam Ayurveda by VLCC

Following is a list of all the treatments offered by VLCC for your information:
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Udvartanam Ayurveda by VLCC

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