Vital Things To Know Before Dying Your Hair


What do you know about dying your hair? Source

Loads of us are born with a certain hair color that we just don’t like. Or, we do like it, we just want to have a change. Either way, you might be thinking about dying your hair and changing your look. Before you jump into this decision, I beg you to read these things. They’re all very important and should help you decide if dying your hair is really the right move to make. Here are some tips on- Vital Things To Know Before Dying Your Hair

Your Hair Will Become Damaged

Dying your hair will do a lot more than just turning it a different color. For example, did you know that dying can greatly weaken and damage your hair? It’s true, there are chemicals in hair dye that weaken the structure of your hair and make it more prone to being damaged and falling out. I’m not saying your hair will all fall out, but you’ll find it feels more brittle and requires extra care and attention.

You Need Constant Top-Ups

Unfortunately, dying your hair isn’t a simple one-step procedure. Even if you go to a professional hair salon, you’ll still have to go back to top it up now and then. The color doesn’t last forever, and it can fade quickly if you don’t look after your hair properly. But, even if you do, you’ll likely have to top up your hair with additional dye every few months or so.

You’ll Need Special Shampoo

As mentioned earlier, dying your hair will leave it damaged. Consequently, you may be unable to carry on using the same shampoo you used to apply to your hair every day. Instead, as The Right Hairstyles points out, you’ll need something with repairing properties. Ideally, you need a sulphate-free shampoo that’s packed full of keratin and other nutrients to keep your colored hair nice and healthy. If you carried on using the same shampoo you used before, then it may damage your hair beyond repair. Also, the right shampoo will help maintain your color for longer too. This means you’ll have to wait longer between top-up appointments, which can save you money in the long run.

Avoid Swimming Pools

This is something that loads of people don’t know about until it’s too late. Swimming pools may be fun, and they’re perfect on a hot day, but the water often contains chlorine. It’s likely you all know about chlorine as it’s the thing that causes your eyes to sting when you go swimming. But, as mentioned on the Namco website, chlorine also gets rid of essential oils in your hair. These oils are there to keep your hair strands nice and strong. Without it, you end up with really brittle and straw-like hair. Not only that, but it can also mess with dyed hair and turn it a different color. Many people have found this out the hard way, as they return home from swimming to find their hair is now green!


I’m not saying you shouldn’t dye your hair – it’s a great idea if you want a change! All I’m saying is to be aware of all these things before you do it. Thankfully, a lot of the issues mentioned can be solved and taken care of. By knowing about them now, they won’t shock you after you’ve dyed your hair.