The World's Most Wonderful Wildlife Destinations

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There is something that is totally unforgettable about seeing wildlife in its natural environment. And despite the generally destructive nature of human beings, there are plenty of places around the world where you can still marvel at some of Mother Nature’s most incredible creatures. If you are wondering where to go on holiday to see some incredible wildlife, this is the blog post for you. So, let’s dive right in and inspire your wanderlust.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to more than half a million species, so you are certainly going to struggle to spot all of them! Many people start their journey to this country in the capital city – you could stay at the Residence Inn San Jose Escazu if you are coming here soon. There is such a wide variety of landscapes including tropical rainforest, deciduous forest, coastline, and cloud forests that it is very easy to see why so many creatures have thrived for years in this country.

Galápagos Islands

 One of the most famous destinations in the world for wildlife thanks to Charles Darwin’s documentation of this region, the Galápagos Islands are still simply stunning to visit. Galapagos tortoises and marine iguanas stroll around the island without fear, while beautifully unusual birds flutter through the trees. Head into the water with a snorkel or scuba diving gear and you will see some of the marine life that swims around the island.


Despite being under threat from various factors, the wildlife in Namibia has survived largely thanks to the setting aside of 26 parks and reserves to protect the beautiful creatures. Just a few of the species which you can spot here include cheetahs, black rhinos, lions, and zebras. If you travel here, make sure to do so in a way which is ethical and protective of the many different types of animal.


If you really want to have a unique wildlife experience, you can’t get much better than a trip to Antarctica. Despite its extreme weather conditions, there are some creatures which have battled to make the continent their home including seals, whales, and penguins. Travel here, and you will get to see a place which very few people in the world ever experience. And with the rate of global warming affecting the planet, there is much debate about how long places like this can continue to survive.


Most of the tourists to Kenya are coming here in an effort to spot the ‘Big Five’ animals of lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and Cape buffalos. Head on a safari around the country and you have every chance of ticking all of them off your list.

Though there are many other stunning wildlife destinations out there, these are just a few of the most popular. There is no doubt that you will have an unforgettable experience travelling to any of them, and you are bound to come away with plenty of photos of some of the world’s most beautiful animals.