Hola, everyone!

Before we get into today’s product review, let me ask you how much water have you been drinking? Well, if you want a healthy looking skin I’d suggest you go pick up a one litre bottle and I want u refilling it at least thrice a day! Do it now. Yeah right, I’m bossy that way!

Today I’m reviewing a skin mousse from Lakme absolute range. A mouse a.k.a whipped foundation is nothing but liquid foundation with air whipped in it. It’s perfect for a matt look and is supposedly weightless on the skin! Let’s see how well the Lakme skin mousse justifies itself on these lines.


Product Claims:

  • SPF -8
  • Feather light texture
  • Stays up to 16hrs

I’ve been using this product for over 6-7 months now and I’m happy enough to recommend it to all you lovely ladies out there. First and foremost, this blends easily into your skin and evens out your skin tone. It does not give a heavy feel on the skin and does feel ‘feather light’ as the product claims. It doesn’t make you look like you’ve applied tons of make up on your face (which looks gross by the way), instead gives you a naturally beautiful skin texture. I haven’t faced any clogging of pores because of this product. It stays long enough on the skin (for about 8-10hrs). You might want to wash your face every 6 hours though, if you have oily skin.

Packaging of this product is super cute. It comes in a round metallic colored ball (now y’know what to grab if you have to hit someone in the face :P). My only slight disappointment with this kind of packaging is you have to dip your finger and scoop out the product and some of it might settle into your nails. But of course you can wash it off later so that’s not a major issue. This gives an excellent matt like finish to my skin. So if your desired look is matt and peachy-soft skin is what makes you cheery, you’re in for a treat with this product!



Shade- Rose fair

Quantity- 25g

Price-  Rs. 700/-

Availability- Good.