There are good hair days and there are bad hair days. Good hair days make you so cheery that you might just enrol yourself in a beauty pageant. And bad hair days will make you –

  1. Bunk school/college/office
  2. Take selfies and acclaim yourself ugly and cry
  3. Crib about everything in life

So it’s safe to say that your day is going to be as good or bad your hair is.

But don’t you worry, don’t you worry child, see Sneha’s got a plan for you. (Okay! you know what I did there 😛 )


I’m reviewing a shampoo today which will help you keep bad hair days at bay. But it’s important to follow before and after rules of using a shampoo. Before- ALWAYS oil your hair before ‘cause shampoos are basically detergents that will wash off all good (lipids) as well as bad (residues) components. And after that you should use something that will reinforce the essentials for healthy hair. And this ‘something’ is a secret I’ll be disclosing in my next post. (‘cause life’s a mystery? :P)


I’ve been using Matrix shampoo for more than a year now. They just recently changed their packaging and also the formulation. This used to be a transparent shampoo but they’ve turned it into an opaque one. My hair is chemically treated and hence, it’s very important for me to use a shampoo that will not be harsh on my hair. Matrix shampoo is specially formulated to make your hair smooth and shiny giving it a bouncy look. It mildly cleanses my hair and leaves it fresh with a pleasant fragrance that stays on for two days. Its anti-frizz formula does a pristine job for people who live in an environment full of pollution (Yeah, all of us). I’ve recommended this shampoo to many of my folks and they’re all happy to have me in their lives 😛

I absolutely love the new packaging (Why? Just look at it ya!). So use this shampoo and do let me know about your opinions on it below.

Don’t forget our hair ritual does not end here. We have a very important after shampoo ritual that I’ll be talking about in the next post. Hint: It’s not a conditioner.

Come back, okay? Bye.


Shampoo- Matrix Biolage Smoothning Shampoo

Active- Camellia Seed Oil (benefits-Moisturizing & Conditioning)

Quantity- 400ml

Price- Rs 400/-

Availability: All beauty stores