Hola peachy readers,
How is everyone? I’m guessing peachy. If not, then be!

I woke up this morning feeling blue. Not the sad blue. The wear-a-blue-gown-on-the-wedding-day blue. Nah! I’m not getting married. Stop crying. Here, take a tissue.
It’s just that I wanna wear a blue- deep sea, turquoise colored gown on my BIG day. So I started gown hunting on the internet right away. (I.was.that.excited.yeah)

I was on this website promtimes.co.uk when I realised it’s high time I tell the mother to get me married to some nice fellow just so I could wear one of those dresses. They have some really great discounts and also do free shipping. Here are the links to some of the dresses I liked and I’m totally going to buy them once the mother decides to marry me off. Someday. Okay stop crying, you!

This online store provides very affordable wedding dresses , prom dresses , cocktail dresses and bridesmaids dresses .

  • ws1322_1_

This was the first dress I laid my eyes on.It’s an A line Scoop Sleeveless White dress. It’s made out of chiffon. I absolutely love these kind of necklines. They look princess like. Now, who wouldn’t wanna look like a princess on her wedding day? Tell me? Tell me now!


  • tb843

Now there’s something about this dress that is just so classy. The column high neck will make any lady feel like a million dollars. And all the chiffon would feel as comforting as she would in her grooms arms. So, what’s not to love here?


  • ws1325_1_

This dress is something I can see myself wearing. It’s a scoop capped knee length white tulle dress and it looks oh so chic! I love everything about the dress and how it will look perfect for someone with an hourglass figure.


So while I have to wait to buy these dresses, you guys who are planning to get married should definitely give this a try. I know the choli/saree culture has been predominant in India. But I say, move on. Do something different. Go all bonkers.

Stay peachy, act funny, you guys! 😀