Kinky mood alert: This is an adult post. Read only if you wish to. (F** your wishes. You must read!)

Today, all the personal aspects of your life can be placed on the internet. Frankly, selling of lingerie online was a holy moly huge step. And I feel it’s a step taken for the good of all mankind. God bless the person who thought of this. I’m sure that person was thoughtful enough to see the discomfort women face while shopping for lingerie.

Imagine the awkwardness one faces when you go into a lingerie shop and ask the weird looking man for a pair of sexy looking lingerie to make sure it matches your mood for the night! And then he takes a judgemental look at you, and then another look at your body to guess the size until you tell him what size you are. Well, this scenario is something every female must’ve been in and it’s not a pleasant experience.

It’s sure as hell important to try new things to keep your sexual life happening and spicy. By wearing the perfect lingerie you can fire up all the romance you’ve fancied with your partner.

There are very few good quality sites featuring sexy lingerie online in India. Thatspersonal – a site that lets you choose amongst so many different varieties of sexy costumes, baby doll dresses and lingerie that you might end up buying one for every night. They have an exclusive collection from the world’s leading brands and designers. This range of exotic lingerie is handpicked from the world’s finest brands and the most exquisite materials.

Here are my top 3 picks from their website:


  • This black see through dress that comes along with a G string panty is hot enough to get your partner in fumes within minutes!




  • Wanna play it cute? This pink dress is the right pick for you.




  • Leopard prints will never go out of style. They’re here to stay and will dominate any other prints for a long, long time. This particular dress is jaw dropping sexy and should up your game by a hundred bars! I bet.


Do explore this website. Who knows you might come across that one thing that’s been keeping you from getting some action. *nervous giggles*

Okay, Bye.

Stay peachy, act funny you guys!  😀