My quest for the perfect deodorant has finally come to an end with STUDIOWEST Radiance Deodorant. Yes, I’ve absolutely hit the jackpot with this Deo and I feel like I can now rest in peace 😛
I’ve changed so many deos in my life, I swear my boyfriend felt insecure at times! Not that I have one 😛
I think it’s safe to say, I’m in a stable relationship with this deodorant. STUDIOWEST is a newly launched beauty brand from Tata and is available across Westside stores.

This particular perfume I bought a couple of months back, has been turning not just heads, but souls. It’s that good. I’ve been asked about what perfume I’m wearing so many times and I was happy to recommend this one. (but it does get annoying when your besty also uses the same one with you. Get a hint, you!)
Studiowest Deodorant


This deo is a blend of Aloe Vera and Green Apple. I was in love with it with my first sniff. We hit it off like Me and white pasta did. 😀

Olfactory notes can be described as- sweet, green, watery and green apple like (the white crunchy part) This does a good job of standing out from other deos ‘cause I  haven’t smelt anything like it. Ever.
Every time I apply this, my head feels light and pleasant. In my head it’s Monsoon.
I’ve recommended this deo to so many people, I somehow feel I’ve done enough good for a Year 😀
So gift it to yourself this New Year or gift your loved one and watch your boyfriend follow you around. Just like mine does. The imaginary one. NoJudging,okay?

Studiowest Deodrant

Bye for now.
Stay peachy, act funny, you guys 🙂

Name- STUDIOWEST Radiance Deodorant – Aloe Vera & Green Apple

Quantity- 150ml/ 100g

Price- Rs195/-

Availability- All Westside stores