I see peaches. Do you? If not, then look at yourself in the mirror! You’re a peach. I’m a peach. Everyone’s a peach. Yeah! I might be too obsessed with my obsession for peaches! But, I go by one principle i.e Stay funny. I don’t know how that relates. You ain’t the judge anyway! -_-

So I’m here today to talk about this Fashion app which has managed to consume 80% of my internet data ‘cause I’ve been on it since the time I downloaded it: Fynd


Fynd – Fashion for the “now” generation
. Fynd is a new (and beautiful) way of nearby fashion shopping without even bothering to step out of your home/office. The key differentiating features for Fynd are:

Superfast Delivery (on an average they deliver the products within 4 hours, unmatched by any competitor)
Fynd-A-Fit (order 2 sizes of same apparel, try at home and keep the one fitting best, return the other apparel to the delivery person) and
Fresh Fashion (since they deliver in hyper-local fashion, everything that is live in brand stores in your city is available through Fynd)

Additionally, they also offer “Lifetime Returns” (terms & conditions for quality check are applied).

They have such an amazing collection of brands and almost all my favourite ones have got some jaw dropping collections. And you know what’s the icing here? Of course, the discounts that they are offering. What’s better than truck-loads of money? It’s the money you saved while shopping.

I had a good experience ordering from this app. Let me take you through it-
Day 1- After downloading, I started exploring all the brands and their collections.

Day 2- Still exploring

Day 3- Finalized 1

Day 4- Explored some more

Day 5- Confusion is a bitch

Day 6- Settled for one dress

Day 7- Ended up buying 2

So I ordered one dress from the brand Madame which was available at a good discount and a top from some other brand. The checkout process was super easy and without any hassle. After this I patiently waited for my order which arrived the next day, as I had ordered past working hours.

The only small disappointment I faced was that the top I ordered wasn’t available in my size and hence they cancelled it and refunded the money. Well, they can surely work on this and mention if the chosen size is available or not. And also, Fynd-A-Fit being one of their feature wherein you can order for 2 sizes of the same apparel so you can keep the one fitting you the best, was nowhere to be seen on the app while ordering. So apart from some technical issues, I found the Fynd app pretty cool anyway! (found fynd. funny, no?):P

The dress I received was just the way it looked in the pictures uploaded in the app. And I’m very happy with the quality of the dress.  I’ve also decided to wear it this Valentines when I go out with my date. Yes, I have one. Yes, I’m going out with my girlfriend and her date. And that counts for a date too!

Fynd App

Fynd App


Fynd App

Fynd App


Fynd App

Fynd App


You can download the Fynd app from here.

Do comment and let me know your thoughts on this one!

Bye for now.

Until next time- Stay peachy, act funny, you guys 😀