Secret to More Savings? Use ShopBack!


Hola peaches,

How’s summer treating you? Just like your diet is treating you? Yeah, thought as much.

Be it summer, winter or spring! We love shopping. The only part I don’t like about shopping is spending truck loads of money (Also the fact that I don’t fit in Small & Medium sizes). The former can be fixed with- Shopback! This amazing website lets you save from your shopping! Yeah, music to your ears, right?

A fortnight ago I was searching for some personal care products on Flipkart. I love doing that when I have nothing to do (read: alltheFREAKINtime). It’s Summer and I desperately needed to stock up on some Sun care products.



Ended up buying some lipsticks too!



I was overwhelmed by the amount I saved through Shopback! Hence, I went and shopped some more. And then saved again! Crazy, right?

Basically you just go on their website and select your preferred online store (SnapDeal, Shopclues, Amazon, etc) and you will be redirected to that particular site wherein you can buy anything and everything! Yes, you’re allowed to go all crazy over this! So here’s how exactly you can use Shopback:


  1. On, browse hundreds of merchants and click on any store
  2. Get redirected to the selected merchant’s site and stay on that page all the way
  3. Shop as usual and make your purchase on the merchant’s site
  4. Your cashback will be automatically added to your ShopBack account within 48 hours
  5. Repeat the entire process starting at ShopBack every time you make a purchase!


To ensure successful cashback:

  1. Do not click on coupon websites
  2. Only use coupons that we provide
  3. Use the same device throughout (eg. Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  4. Enable cookies on your device


Here’s why one should use SHOPBACK!

EXTRA SAVINGS! They source the best deals and discounts for you, on fashion, travel, lifestyle and more! To add to that, they also give you cashback on top of existing discounts and voucher codes – this means extra savings when you shop online through them at any of their merchant stores!

Until I see you next time,

Stay peachy, act funny, you guys! 😀