Do you spend a fortune on skincare products, but fail to see the results that you’re promised? It can be disheartening if you’re spending a lot of time/money on your skin but not seeing the results that you want. However, there could be some very good reasons for this. Read on to find out why you may not be getting the most out of your routine:


You’re Not Eating/Drinking To Compliment It


If you’re not eating the right foods and drinking the right things to compliment your skin care routine, it still isn’t going to look as good as it could. If you want the best looking skin, you need to drink things like water and green tea. At least two litres a day will help flush out toxins and make your skin look its best. Plenty of vegetables and healthy fats are good for the skin too. Avoid sugary foods if you want to avoid spotty, greasy skin. The more natural you eat, the better your skin will look.


Your Skin Isn’t Perfectly Clean


If you have a ton of products you like to use on your skin, there’s a number of reasons they may not be working. One reason is that your skin isn’t perfectly clean when you apply these products. If you only use wipes or something like that when cleansing your skin, you could be leaving a lot of makeup and debris on your skin. You should be cleansing using a good wash. If you have worn makeup or applied SPF, then you should cleanse twice, to ensure your skin is properly prepared for the rest of your products.


You Don’t Know Your Skin Type


Knowing your skin type and then choosing products to suit it is a must. If you use products that aren’t suited to your skin type, you could make it even worse. Have a professional analyse your skin if you don’t know how. There are tutorials online that can help you, though.

Why You're Not Getting The Most Out Of Your Skincare Routine!

Why You’re Not Getting The Most Out Of Your Skincare Routine!


You’re Not Giving Products Enough Time To Work


You need to make sure you’re giving your products enough time to work. It may take a couple of weeks to a month to see products do their job properly, and you must be consistent. You also need to make sure you’re not just slapping things on one after the other. Giving each coat a couple of minutes between applications ensures that everything has time to sink in and work like it should.


You’re Contaminating Your Face


You may be spreading bacteria back to your face by touching it too much, or not changing your pillowcases enough. Make sure you avoid this to keep your face clean!


You Have An Underlying Problem


If all else fails, then you may have an underlying problem affecting your skin. If you speak with a professional, they will help you in choosing acne treatment or another treatment suited to you. There’s always a way around your issue, so don’t give up!


Try these tips and let me know how you get on!