Get ready girls; drama is coming back in a big way. Forget all those boring natural looks; it’s time to rock the dark colors and glitter. Read on to find out what’s in and how to wear it.


Dark Lipsticks

Ultimate Fall Beauty Trends You Need In Your Life Right Now!

Ultimate Fall Beauty Trends You Need In Your Life Right Now!

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Ok, this is one for all you untamable and bold people out there. Dark lip colors definitely need a little bit of courage to wear. But when you do wear them, you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts as they make for a hauntingly stunning look.


The shades of this season will be blackberry (purplish blacks), poison (deep scarlet reds) and Noir (an extreme matt black shade.) If you can’t bear to part with your hard earned cash for a high-end brand, experiment with some value brands until you find a shade you like.




This season contouring is out so put away all those dark cream and powders! Instead just focus on your highlighter. Brush it along your face where natural light would hit. This will give you a beautifully illuminated look.


The latest highlighter formulas cooked up in the cosmetics labortory work wonderfully. Try cult products like Jeffry Star’s Face Frost Powder or Benefit’s High Beam Liquid to achieve the look you want.



Ultimate Fall Beauty Trends You Need In Your Life Right Now!

Ultimate Fall Beauty Trends You Need In Your Life Right Now!

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FW 2016 is the season of glitter, and everyone is happy about it.  How can you be sad when you get to wear a sparkly rainbow on your face?


Wearing glitter is one of those things that seems simple, but actually needs quite a bit of skill and practice to get right.


First, remember to use glitters that are designed for cosmetic use. Its no good just raiding the kid’s craft draw and using that. It will irritate your skin and probably look silly to boot. Cosmetic glitters are often a lot finer than regular glitters, but they behave in much the same way. That means it can be problematic to get them to go where they should and stay there.


For example, if you want to add a glittery embellishment to your face. You will need to apply something that will act as a sticky base, to ensure that in remain where it’s put. You can use specially made glitter primer or vaseline for this. Remember not to use foundation as this will get all clogged up with the glitter and stop in shining.


Next, glitter is often the last thing that you will out on, once you have made up your face. This can also be problematic, because when you are applying it, it’s easy to get fall out where you don’t want any glitter to be.


Luckily there is a way around this. First, you can try applying a very liberal layer of loose powder underneath the space in which you want the glitter. Then you can brush the power off when you were done and the glitter should come off too.


The other option is to cheat and use a piece of shaped card to catch all the debris. Which ever you use you‘ll end up with perfect glittery accents wherever you want them and not where you don’t.