A hearty welcome to Beauty and all that jazz!

Sneha Rane- Author & Editor of this blog. (*applause, may be?*)

So I’ll start by giving you a sneak peek into my life. I’ve been born and brought up in Mumbai and I recently completed my Post Graduation in Cosmetology and Perfumery Management. Writing has always been an art form I have tremendous passion for and well, Cosmetics are something no person would (read should) turn a deaf ear to. Hence, the blog 😀
This website is my way of merging my love for writing and the technical know-how of Cosmetics & Perfumes I acquired through my educational background.
My website is going to be a treat to all the readers with abounding love for Cosmetics and Perfumes and those who wouldn’t mind a sparkle of sarcasm to it! (I speak fluent sarcasm *winks*)
So I’m hoping this would be a sunny affair with all you beautiful readers out there!
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Happy, Happy reading! 😀


The information I provide here is to the best of my knowledge and is based on my personal insight about the product. I’ve studied Cosmetology and Perfumery but that does not make me a medical expert. I will be sharing my professional opinions that reflect the performance of the product thereby recommending the pros and cons associated with them. 


You can write to me at sneha@beautyandallthatjazz.com for related queries or requests. I will personally answer the queries as soon as I can. Also, you can write to me if you want a particular product to be reviewed.